What is a Log Book service?
AWhen a new car is sold the manufacturer provides a log book as part of the delivery package. This booklet provides both owners and technicians with vital information regarding the anticipated service procedures, inspection points and servicing intervals required for the safe operation of the vehicle.

This ensures the best possible mechanical operating environment for your car, avoiding unnecessary repair costs because of lack of maintenance.

To retain your warranty the log book must be stamped by the service centre and parts/lubricants used must be of equal to or better than the original vehicle manufacturers specifications.

At Cairns Autotune we understand your concern regarding the protection of your new car warranty, we also realise the importance of having your new vehicle serviced by highly trained and well informed service technicians.
While we apply a “Down to Earth” policy to how we treat our clients and their vehicles, we take log book servicing very seriously.

What can I check at home?
ACheck all of your vehicle’s fluid levels.  This includes engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.  Most new cars have transparent reservoir tanks and in many cases, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty.

Refer to the owners’ manual for the proper procedures for checking and adding fluids to your vehicle. In particular, when checking the brake fluid level.  If in doubt about fluid colour or odour, pop in and see us at Cairns Autotune.You can also do a quick “leak test” in your driveway.  Let your engine run for about 15 minutes so it reaches full operating temperature.  Then park it over a large piece of cardboard for a while and see if any fluids drip on it.

How long will a service take?
AGenerally speaking, maintenance services normally take around an hour to an hour and a half, depending on size and origin of the vehicle. Log book services are all different and can take a whole day to complete. And our full tune and service is usually a half day.

I am having affordability problems, what can you offer me?
ADon’t break the bank, for as little as $11.95 per week you can get a range of services that will maintain your vehicle for 12 months! Including all servicing requirements & Roadside Assist! Find Out More (link to VIP page)

I have a New Car Warranty can servicing my car with Cairns Autotune effect my warranty?
AOur team can service every make and model without breaking your warranty! Get the affordable option with the old fashioned service you will love! Find Out More (link to car service page)

My car is making a funny sound?
ANo worries at all, give our team a call or bring the car straight in for quality attention. Contact Us Today (link to contact page)